If private schools get shutdown.

Private schools were started to meet schooling requirement of people who could not send their children to distant government schools and wanted to provide some quality education.

Private schools also provide English medium since primary. Private schools have established a model of discipline and organized schools. Almost 40% of total students in India study at Private schools. They have formed a major part of education. Though have less penetration but it has high preference in the society and parents have faith on private schools more than government schools.

Parents faith and trust in private schools are the major factor over other facilities and courses offered at private schools. If these schools get totally shut then the social scenario is unimaginable.

Private schools have formed backbone of society and lead the education sector, they have full liberty to experiment with style of teaching and selection of courses for students. They expose their students to many competitions and groom them in all dimensions. They are completely technology oriented and advance in adopting any new technique or technology for students development.

We cannot imagine society without private schools. The ambitious parents and students will loose hope, the students will have to go to distant schools or it will levy heavy cost to government to increase infrastructure. A sudden increment in school and teachers demand will increase pressure on government. Though only 40% students visit to private school but overall funding of these schools are same as government budget for running government schools. Teachers quality is good as salary are independent call of these schools hence recruitment and hiring is fast and retention is good along with efficiency of teachers. Private schools have given many good support in employment and infrastructure development to government. It is supporting society and nation in many other forms. They cannot be replaced by complete government schools.